For a moment, think about a big factory. Then, think again. The calm, clean, and airy Kamjo bed factory near Tallinn defies such a design. Instead of clumsy and noisy machines, there are highly skilled craftsmen who work with a focus on individual work benches and instead of the noise of large production lines, you can hear soothing knocks, gentle music on the radio, and casual and friendly conversation between colleagues.

All Kamjo beds are 100% handmade according to customer specifications. The task of the whole team is to provide each client with the most comfortable and stylish bed imaginable. The finished bed depends on the body shape, personal preferences, and budget of the client and their partner. Our craftsmen will only start their work once the bed order has been placed.

We know from our experience that Kamjo’s customers are looking for truly personal service, and that is exactly what we offer.

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