ROUND CONTINENTAL BED MALIBU The Malibu round continental bed, is designed to make it easy for you to fall asleep and wake up in the morning as if you are on a warm and sun-filled trip under palm trees.

Round Continental bed MALIBU

The newest member of the Kamjo family, the Malibu round continental bed, is designed to make it easy for you to fall asleep and wake up in the morning as if you are on a warm and sun-filled trip under palm trees.

To give the body the best possible support surface, the Malibu bed has 23 layers of filling material such as wool, cotton, natural Vita Talalay® latex, and pocket springs.

Vita Talalay® latex is a natural material made from the sap of trees and distributes moisture well. Thanks to the natural filling materials, the bed is comfortable and durable, providing maximum “ventilation”.

Continental Bed Malibu Dimensions
Diameter of the Malibu round continental bed / Diameter: 215cm

We are waiting for you to become acquainted with the MALIBU continental bed in Kamjo’s showroom. The Kamjo salon offers you the opportunity to relax in our luxurious and exclusive beds.

Professional advice, a warm reception, and fresh coffee await you!

Different layers of the Malibu continental bed:

Top mattress:

1. Upholstered fabric
2. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
3. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
4. Vita Talalay® latex
5. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
6. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
7. Upholstered fabric

Reversible main mattress:

8. Upholstered fabric
9. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
10. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
11. Vita Talalay® latex
12. Corner springs
13. Pocket springs
14. Vita Talalay® latex
15. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
16. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%)
17. Upholstered fabric

Bed base frame:

18. Upholstered fabric
19. Wool (100%)
20. Corner springs
21. Pocket springs
22. Pocket springs
23. Quality wooden frame



Malibu Round Continental Bed Mattress Softness Levels: Soft, Medium, Strong, Very Strong



Only 100% natural wool and cotton are used in the bed and top mattress



Malibu continental bed mattresses have a total of 16 layers (11 layers per bed, 5 layers per top mattress)



The Malibu continental bed uses pocket springs in separate pockets


Oeko-Tex® class 100

Malibu mattress materials meet the Oeko-Tex® class 100 standard, making the mattresses health-friendly and also suitable for sensitive baby skin.


Vita Talalay® latex

The Malibu continental bed and top mattress use Vita Talalay® latex made from 100% natural wood juice.



The Malibu continental bed uses: High-quality elastic fabric with cashmere and wool (both in the bed and top mattress) and Quilted fabric (in the bed)



All Kamjo beds are extremely durable and designed to last for decades. The Malibu bed frame is designed to last for at least 20 years!



Every 2-3 months, flip the main mattress so that the materials can breathe and take on their original shape; change the top mattress during each bed linen change



Delivery in Tallinn and in the vicinity of Tallinn (up to 30 km) is free. We can also install the bed and remove the rubbish. For bed installations in a block of flats, a floor fee is added.



The Malibu continental bed can be made in up to 5 weeks with a separate top mattress /main mattress preparation time of 4 weeks



Diameter of the Malibu round continental bed: 215cm

Check out the full range of fabric styles for the Malibu Continental Bed:

Maintain your bed by caring for it properly

Kamjo beds are very high quality but they still require the proper care to maintain their original shape, appearance, and comfort. Natural materials prefer to breathe and take on their original shape; if you follow our care tips, you can prolong the life of your bed.

To maintain the high quality of your bed for longer, complete the following:

    • Flip the top mattress during each bedding change
    • Every 3-4 months, flip the mattress

The proper maintenance of a Kamjo bed is that easy!

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