NEW continental adjustable bed Tallinn

The adjustable continental Electric Bed Tallinn is an investment to help achieve an undisturbed night’s sleep.

The purpose of creating the bed was to produce the greatest possible comfort, which is why the mattress has as many as 21 layers of filling material. The filling is made of natural materials such as wool, cotton, and natural Vita Talalay® latex – like all our other beds.

The adjustable bed Tallinn easily adapts to the customer’s needs thanks to the motor system. In this way, the bed can easily be set up with the motor as a place to relax, where you can spend pleasant moments of rest, which are necessary for the quick refreshment of the body.

The bed is adjustable with an easy-to-use wireless remote control. You can adjust the desired position quickly and comfortably on both the head and the foot of the bed. We have also integrated a system into the bed that maintains the mattress in the desired position.

The reliability of the bed motor system is ensured for many years by the highest quality characteristics of Kamjo; all this to make your moments in bed the most enjoyable.

Spend 1/3 of your life in a LUXURIOUS SLEEPING MODE

A great night’s sleep provides the physical and mental refreshment that is required for our fast-paced lives.

A bed is never just a bed, especially when it comes to Kamjo’s beds; it is a masterpiece of design and comfort.

Now with even more convenience!

The adjustable head and foot using the motor system add a whole new dimension of comfort to an already comfortable bed. Thanks to this, you can spend even more quality time in bed during both day and night.


5-zone unrivaled comfort.

We constantly conduct various research starting with the materials and improving the quality of sleep with the aim of creating beds that will always have you feeling fully-rested.

From the results of these studies, we have created a completely new mattress construction for the Tallinn Adjustable bed, which has 5 different zones of pocket springs, all of which have different degrees of softness to support all parts of the body with just the right strength. Our body parts have different curvatures and require different levels of softness so that the whole body can fully rest.

The best assistant for a good night’s sleep is a good bed! .


4 rows of strong pocket springs


7 rows of soft pocket springs


11 rows of strong pocket springs


7 rows of soft pocket springs


4 rows of strong pocket springs

Scientifically proven

Extract from the report of the Munich Institute of Ergonomics, prepared on 01.08.2018: The various biomechanical and microclimate properties of the Tallinn mattress were tested and the mattress was rated “very good” (1.9 points).

A very good upper body and shoulder area was highlighted as positive, of which the Tallinn Adjustable bed was classified as “excellent” (grade 1).

What makes competitors envy Kamjo beds?

To provide the best possible support surface for the body, the bed has 21 layers of filling material such as wool, cotton, natural Vita Talalay® latex, and pocket springs with corner springs.

Top Mattress:

1. Upholstered fabric
2. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
3. Vita Talalay® latex – 45 mm
4. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
5. Upholstered fabric

Reversible main mattress:

6. Upholstered fabric
7. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
8. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
9. Vita Talalay® latex – 30 mm
10. Corner springs
11. Pocket springs – 240 pcs/m 2
12. Vita Talalay® latex – 30 mm
13. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
14. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
15. Upholstered fabric

Bed base frame:

16. Upholstered fabric
17. Wool (100%) – 600 g/m 2
18. Corner springs
19. Pocket springs – 218 pcs/m 2
20. Quality wooden frame

You spend one-third of your life sleeping; don’t discount this time. .

Dimensions, quantities, weight …

The 180x200cm Tallinn bed has a total of: 10,800 g of wool (60%) and cotton (40%); 1658 springs

Dimension guide

Here you will find Tallinn bed’s standard dimensions (CM)

Width Length (standard) Length (standard +)
80 200 210
90 200 210
100 200 210
105 200 210
120 200 210
140 200 210

The Tallinn Adjustable bed is 100% handmade, so the production time is up to 8 weeks. When ordering a separate main mattress or top mattress, the production time is 4 weeks.

Maintain your bed by caring for it properly

Kamjo beds are very high quality but they still require the proper care to maintain their original shape, appearance, and comfort. Natural materials prefer to breathe and take on their original shape; if you follow our care tips, you can prolong the life of your bed.

To maintain the high quality of your bed for longer, complete the following:

    • Flip the top mattress during each bedding change
    • Every 3-4 months, flip the mattress

The proper maintenance of a Kamjo bed is that easy!

Our beds are designed specially for you

All Kamjo beds are always designed with the most important focus in mind – the well-being of our customers. We always create all beds based on principles, without which we do not consider it possible to make any orders. These include the body shape of the client (and their partner), personal preferences, and budget.

Our craftsmen will not begin their work until we have found the perfect solution with our customers because we know that Kamjo’s customers truly appreciate personal service, which is exactly what we offer.





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