Golden People THIS IS A LUXURY

This is luxury – Kamjo Continental Bed Golden People

If luxury had a name, it would be Golden People. Our most luxurious and softer bed is a benchmark for true comfort like no other bed.

Golden People is an absolute master class of the highest quality, which thanks to more than 9,000 springs ensures the best rest for your body that you have never experienced before.

Just like all other Kamjo beds, Golden People is handcrafted in Estonia. Kamjo’s best craftsmen have made a bed that uses only natural and the best filling materials for your body and health. Horsehair, wool, cotton and Vita Talalay® latex, for example, have found their way into a mattress with as many as 28 different layers of filling materials.

To ensure even greater comfort, the mattress is fitted with 9273 springs, thanks to which your body weight is distributed evenly on the mattress, ensuring maximum comfort and softness and thus rest.

This is the most luxurious bed of Kamjo beds – Golden People. A bed where every minute of sleep you spend is like gold, if not more so.

Spend 1/3 of your life in a LUXURIOUS SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT

There are five stages in your dreams, each of which plays an important role; spend your sleeping hours with the best quality!

Our existing high standards are now even higher, thanks to the continental bed, Golden People.

Only by sleeping will your mind and body truly rest.

Kamjo’s goal is always to offer its customers the best, including sleep, quality, design, and service. Thanks to the Golden People continental bed, we have taken a good night’s sleep and a quality bed to a whole new level; it would be foolish not to try it.

Golden People THIS IS A LUXURY

5-zone unrivaled comfort.

We constantly conduct various research starting with the materials and improving the quality of sleep with the aim of creating beds that will always have you feeling fully-rested.

From the results of these studies, we have created a completely new mattress construction for the Golden People bed, which has 5 different zones of pocket springs, all with different degrees of softness to support all parts of the body with just the right strength; our body parts have different curvatures and require different levels of softness so that the whole body can fully rest.

A well-rested person is happier and more energetic than a tired person.


4 rows of strong pocket springs


7 rows of soft pocket springs


11 rows of strong pocket springs


7 rows of soft pocket springs


4 rows of strong pocket springs

Scientifically proven

Excerpt from a report by the Munich Institute of Ergonomics, dated 01.08.2018: The Singapur tested the various biomechanical and microclimate properties of the mattress and gave the mattress a “very good” result (1.9 points).

A very good upper body and shoulder area was highlighted as positive, of which the Golden People bed was classified as “excellent” (grade 1).

What makes competitors envy Kamjo beds?

To give the body the best possible support surface, the bed has as many as 28 layers of filling material, such as ultra-healthy horsehair, heavenly soft wool and cotton, Vita Talalay® latex made from natural fruit juice, and the highest quality pocket springs that include corner springs.

Top mattress:

1. Upholstered fabric
2. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
3. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
4. Horsehair – 330 g/m 2
5. Vita Talalay® latex – 45 mm
6. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
7. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
8. Upholstered fabric

Reversible main mattress:

9. Upholstered fabric
10. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
11. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
12. Horsehair – 800 g/m 2
13. HD mini pocket springs – 694 pcs/m 2
14. Mini pocket springs – 340 pcs/m 2
15. Corner springs – 4 pcs
16. Pocket springs – 240 pcs/m 2
17. Mini pocket springs – 340 pcs/m 2
18. HD pocket springs – 694 pcs/m 2
19. Horsehair – 800 g/m 2
20. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
21. Wool (60%) and cotton (40%) – 500 g/m 2
22. Upholstered fabric

Bed base frame:

23. Upholstered fabric
24. Wool (100%) – 300 g/m 2
25. Corner springs – 4 pcs
26. Pocket springs – 218 pcs/m 2
27. Pocket springs – 205 pcs/m 2
28. Quality wooden frame

You spend one-third of your life sleeping; don’t discount this time…

Dimensions, quantities, weight …

The 180x200cm Golden People bed has a total of: 12,600 g of wool (60%) and cotton (40%); 6948 g of horsehair; 1080 g of wool, 9000+pc springs

Dimension guide

Here you will find the Golden People bed’s standard dimensions (CM)

Width Length (standard) Length (standard +) Length (max)
Single 100 200 210 220
120 200 210 220
Double 140 200 210 220
160 200 210 220
King 180 200 210 220
200 200 210 220
Superior 210 200 210 220

The Golden People bed is 100% handmade and, therefore, has a production time of up to 8 weeks. If you order a separate main mattress or top mattress, the production time is up to 4 weeks. 

Maintain your bed by caring for it properly

Kamjo beds are very high quality but they still require the proper care to maintain their original shape, appearance, and comfort. Natural materials prefer to breathe and take on their original shape; if you follow our care tips, you can prolong the life of your bed.

To maintain the high quality of your bed for longer, complete the following:

    • Flip the top mattress during each bedding change
    • Every 3-4 months, flip the main mattress

The proper maintenance of a Kamjo bed is that easy!

Beds designed specially for you

All Kamjo beds are always designed with the most important focus in mind – the well-being of our customers. We always create all beds based on principles, without which we do not consider it possible to make any orders. These designs include the body shape of the client (and their partner), personal preferences, and budget.

Our craftsmen will not begin their work until we have found the perfect solution with our customers because we know that Kamjo’s customers truly appreciate personal service, which is exactly what we offer.





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